WHEN MEN HAD BODY HAIR: Music Idols of My Time, may they Rest in Peace because I’m old.

So, this meme pretty much speaks for itself, sums it up, says it all. 


Note: That acknowledgment, will not, of course, prevent me from saying even more stuff. You can bank on it.

Additional Note: Oh my gosh, just look at them! Those tasty golden-wrapped morsels. With body hair, even. And quite a bit, actually.

Yeah, I came of age in the Disco Era, sort of. I mean, in the olden days when we lit a candle to do our homework, coming of age happened differently and perhaps later in a teen’s life. And although I was a big fan of what is now called Classic Rock (Queen, Foreigner, Boston, Styx), my heart belonged to the Brothers Gibb.

And their super hot little brother, Andy, who had a penchant for tight pink pants. Swoon!


Kinda scandalous, amiright?


Note: The Hub and I actually met in a disco, no kidding. I think it went something like this:


But I digress. See, the thing is: We didn’t have the internet or MTV or YouTube or anything to actually see our bands. We listened to their music and gazed at the album covers, which thankfully were large enough back then to have lots of photos to Swoon! over. We had to stay up to late to catch a performance on Saturday Night Live to ever see them for real.

So, imagine the amazement! and excitement! and life-changingness! of seeing a concert. Your idols live. Onstage.

It was a 2-1/2 hour drive from my little farm town to the venue.

Note: Raise your hand if you are surprised that Bacon grew up on a farm. That’s what I thought.

We drove through peach orchards and almond orchards and rice fields until we hit a freeway! and cars! and tall buildings! with escalators, even.

And the venue held four times more people than lived in my whole dog-goned town. The estrogen levels were high and the crowd was whipped into a frenzy.

And there they were.  The BeeGees. In puffs of smoke and flashing lights and falsetto voices and tight gold lame.

We danced. We swayed. We sang. We screamed. We cried, even. 

And when it was over, we climbed back into the car and drove through cars! and freeways! and rice fields! and almond orchards! and peach orchards! until we were back in our farmhouse, back in our beds, back to listening to our albums and remembering.

And we realized that there was a big world out there, maybe not so far away from our little life.

But for now, we pull out our albums and dream.


Alrighty Oleander: Let’s get down and dirty about Pirates, shall we?

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