Let’s Talk Backstreet Boys

I’ll admit that I gave a good, audible chuckle when I read Bacon’s prompt for me today. For anyone who may have missed it: Okay Oleander: Any preteen in the 90s had her favorite Backstreet Boy, right? Tell us about your favorite and what did that say about your personality? 

And, yes. I was a pre-teen/teen right in the height of the best version of boy bands. And I was 100% on The Backstreet Boys side of the BSB/N*SYNC battle.

Note: I could get into the merits of why…but heaven knows that even 20 years later, no one is swaying anyone to the other side of that debate.

So, the question is, who was is my favorite Backstreet Boy.

Note: YES the Backstreet Boys are still together and still make music. And, yes…I have every one of their albums.


Well, for anyone who’s not familiar, there are 5 Backstreet Boys (there were four for a little bit when Kevin went to perform on Broadway, but he’s returned).

Nick Carter: Arguably the most well known and well-loved Backstreet Boy. He’s the youngest and had that 90s bowl haircut that made any girl swoon (see: Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Devin Sawa, early Zac Efron). He recently came in 2nd on Dancing with the Stars and I’d be mad if Bindi hadn’t been such a freaking delight. Also, check out this ridiculous performance he did during the season finale.

Brian Littrell: The southern charmer with the smoothest (and most prominently used) vocals of the bunch. He has a boy-next-door vibe and littrelly (see what I did there?) doesn’t appear to have aged.

AJ Mclean: The “bad boy” of the group complete with tattoos and a [past] drug problem (okay, we didn’t know about that when we were kids). His voice brings some edge and soul to the group.

Howie Dorough: The Latin flair of the group. For the early years Howie mostly brought vital depth to the top part of the 5-part harmonies. He was my best friend’s favorite of the group and has, in my opinion, gotten the most handsome with age.

Kevin Richardson: The eldest Backstreet Boy and cousin to Brian. He is the tall, dark, and handsome in the group and rounds out the low part of the harmonies.

My favorite Backstreet Boy was always AJ. According to this super legit Buzzfeed article, this means: “Others may see you as dark and mysterious. You may be a rebel and you certainly have a flair for bad boys or girls. Tattoos and piercings are your thing. You have a unique sense of fashion that rocks your world. But you are a real sweetheart with a goofy side.”

Which is hilarious. As you know, I’m not dark or mysterious. I am not a rebel. My ears are the only piercings I have. I think part of the bad boy appeal for me comes from the freedom that seems to come along with being the “rebel.” I don’t have it in me to rebel (and I don’t really want to), but it’s an alluring thing to watch. Additionally, AJ’s voice is pretty killer.

I mean, check this out and tell me he’s not your new favorite, too:

Wishing I never had to grow up,


Bacon! You’re up. We all overuse the term LOL these days. What are the last three things that really made you Laugh Out Loud?

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Backstreet Boys

    • Oleander says:

      Haha. Now that you bring it up, I totally do. Also – remember recording the Disney BSB concert on VHS and watching it over and over? I wondering if that’s in a box somewhere…


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